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I first saw this guitar in my local music store, Calliope Music. I had been looking for a replacement to my beat up Fender Squire, hoping to find a good Epiphone Les Paul i began to look around. What really caught my eye was a guitar near the back it appeared to be a Fender Strat with a Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. My reaction was "no way cherry sunburst on a strat!" as I came closer to the guitar i was intrigued and it only got worse as I saw it also had a Flame-Top, not some cheap laminate but the real deal. From a distance i thought it was a Fender Statocaster but when i got closer i saw that it was a, "Sebring performance electric Guitar" as it says on the headstock. I picked the guitar up and started playing it and i was really suprised at how similiar it plays and feels like a Fender Squier. I asked the guy who worked there how it compares to the Fender Squire and he said, "This is a fine axe, I'm not gonna lie to you its not a Fender but it can shred like one." The more i played on it the more I knew i needed to buy it. I asked this veteran riff master how much it was going for expecting to be in the 400-500 dollar range. He pointed to the wall stand it was on and it barred a small tag with the three numbers $199, one word came to my mind..."Sold".

There are many things that I like about the Sebring Strat. The most noticable feature that I really liked was the guitars finish. It sports Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish with a maple flame top and a glass-like polish,definently "Eye Candy". To top off the luscious finish this axe is decked out with gold hardware. The quality of this guitar is above and beyond my expectations and it looks like its worth three times what I paid for it! I mainly play hard rock music like Zeppelin and Metallica and it sounds absolutely great, it has great tone especially in a good fender amp.

Hmmm... there are a very few things that I don't like about this guitar. The first thing that I didn't like is that because of the semi-cheap tuners, the guitars tuning slips from time to time (not a big deal easily fixable). The second thing that i really didn't like is that this guitar came with no manufacturers warrantee, no manual so i can see how i can upgrade and replace parts. This is escpessialy irritating because I can't find that much information on the manufacturer. When you don't have a warrantee or even information on the company who made the guitar how can you have customer service? You cant.

The Sebring Strat replica is made in Korea. The construction and quality is that of a guitar twice the price. It has 22 frets, a flame-maple top, 5-way selector for the H-S-S pickups, a 1 piece maple neck; the finish is a Heritage Cherry Sunburst which looks extremely impressive and expensive. The body of the guitar is nearly identical to that of the authentic fender Stratocaster. The Sebring strat has a standard vintage tremelo, and gold hardware; the tuners are cheaply made( I suggest replacing them).

The bottom line is that if you are a beginner guitarist or an intermediate player this is the guitar for you. While it isn't a Fender Stratocaster it does beat the performance of the Squire Affinity in price, looks, playability and overall tone. If you are the player who needs to look good onstage this guitar will definitely compliment you. Overall, If want a low budget high quality axe the Sebring Strat is for you!

Anthony Buckley rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-09.

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