Sensei Haus Inc Vinyl Surface Disc for Technics SL DZ 1200 Deck Reviews 5

playing piano all my life, I am a music producer and song writer for all genres of music. I also play guitar, drums, base, violin...user and genius at Cubase..:) I collect technics turntables and have a huge vinyl collection that spans every person in the universe's taste!

Bought the disc from online store. unit cost $99 saw on there was a platter that replaced the orginal, got the decks on 05 and bought these discs this summer as the orginal feels nothing like vinyl.

1.Fits the Technics perfectly. 2.Gets rid of the clicking noise the original platter made when you used it too mix. 3. Looks great, I got the black ones, so now my DZ's look like a real analog deck, with a real record on. 4. Real vinyl feels great, its a bit heavier than the original, the original has a smooth surface and gets dirty and slippy and you cant mix properly with the sweat on the top, you dont have that with this. 5 better scratching grip" for the turntablist and manipulating grip for the Beat/BPM mixing DJ. The slightly added density of real vinyl (0.4 approx) allows for longer brake Stop,backspins and improves numerous turntable maneuvers.

can't really say anything bad, just that technics should have thought of this in the first place. Thought $99 for over all improving my deck was ok?

Its definitely a good quailty and weight of vinyl. The holes on either side for the disc to fit to the platter turntable actually fit better then the supplied! It looks great, has a cool audio track in the grooves just like a real record so you can put a needle on it and play if you like, that's cool. Definitely 10 /10 on construction and just adds to the overall deck.

if you have a technics sl dz then I say this is a good investment, period.

Mark O\' Connell rated this unit 5 on 2007-10-03.

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