Series 10 5-String Fretless Bass Reviews 5

I've been needing a 5-string ax for some time- and I've also wanted another fretless bass [had one years ago] - After checking most of the stores in my area and coming up empty I stopped in at "Nashville Used Music Instruments" and spied this little gem for $279.00 - I lucked out and got both items I needed in one neat little package.

Like another reviewer said about their Series-10 discovery- altho' used it's in excellent condition; the neck is true without any dead spots [had another fretless some years ago that had that problem where the neck met the body]; pickup layout is "P/J" style; active and pretty dang hot, without any noticeable noise. I'd earlier priced a new Fender Jazz 4-string fretless at another store and it had that "buzz" as soon as I plugged it in- for $900+ [case not included].. I don't think so!

There's not much to dislike- I've really not discovered anything yet.

It's light-weight and the neck isn't like a 2x4 [or a Fender!] The body style is contemporary but understated [similar to Ibanez]- no cheesy logos, etc. 3-controls: volume, blend, tone; graphite neck/rosewood fingerboard ("dotless"] bolts to body. Lots of natural sustain!

Versatile, very comfortable to play. I could have payed a lot more and not gotten anymore- except a heavier instrument and maybe a more well-known name. [as if that would make the song sound any better]

BB in Nashville rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-08.

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