Series A 4 String Bass Guitar Reviews 3

Was walking down the street one day over a year ago and had passed by a pawn shop. I stoped turned around and looked for a bass and an amp. I was fortunate to find a bass in good shape and bought it with an amp and case for a total of $200. It was at that point I decided to teach myself how to play so that someday I could make music that was not "pop music" as I had became nausious over the recent fad of shaved uni-brow boy bands with blue hair and male bashing I-am-woman female groups all lip-synching to the same beat. I knew the task at hand would be a long one. But I know that someday I will bring to the people "good music".

I enjoy the sound I can create and the comfortable shape of the bass as well.

It's the only on i have. It's hard for me to compare sounds or feels of other basses. It's probably not a good quality bass but then again how would I really know?

The SeriesA bass has a white body with silver-metalic string catch and pick ups. The two knobs of volume and distortion as well as the frets and tuning keys are silver-metalic also. The neck of the bass is a light wood finish with dark strip of wood running down the spine for back thumb placement. A fairly run-of-the-mill bass with a classic design for the neck and body.

Probably not the best quality one can aquire yet sufficent enough to play and learn on (or teach oneself).

Shannon C. Land rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-26.

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