Shaw 5A Sticks Reviews 4

I've bought this in a small music shop in Peterhead, that in the drum department, only sell sticks. Also purchased them online.

Much better than other 5A sticks from the likes of vic firth and zildjian. They feel good in your hand. Vic firth's to me have a cheap wax-like feel to them. The stick is long and strong, and feels just right.

No complaints. The fact that Shaw aren't a huge name is a shame, but again they don't need to pay drummers to endorse their sticks because they're good enough to stand on their own feet(if sticks had feet).

Great construction. Lasts longer than other sticks, but sticks generally don't last that long with me. But each pair lasts a good few weeks, at times when i've been band practising daily, so that's how well built they are.

If you like your 5A sticks, with a slight extra length, and are not put off by the not so popular name, then give Shaw a try. They won't let you down.

Cass rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-01.

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