Shechter Diamond Series C5 bass Reviews 5

Ordered through Musicians Friend after trying a number of Shecter basses at Guitar Center. Price was $499.

After playing the C4 at guitar center a few times I was really smitten with the Antique Amber bass. With some trepidation I ordered the C5 through Musicians Friend. I needn't have worried. It is perfect. It is gorgeous to look at. While new to a 5 string I have become quickly comfortable with this bass. The bass is quite light for it's size, 35 inch scale. Well balanced as the strap buttons are offset for optimum position. The EMG pickups are very strong and noiseless. (Blew a similar featured Ibanez out of the water) The bass was set up perfect, the action is low with no buzz at all. The low B string string is tight and has a nice piano sound, rings forever, not flabby at all. I was pleasantly surprized as the bass is a bolt on and even without strings through the body, every note up and down the neck rings clear as a bell. The finish was perfect, the inlays and binding were flawless. The satin gold hardware is understated and very classy looking. The control setup allows a lot of flexibility and wide range of sounds. They can easily cover many genres of music. Comes with Elixir nanoweb strings which play really nice. I think I'll stick with them I hadn't tried them before but I like them a lot. Very smooth. The neck plays incredible, much better than a Warwick that cost 3 times as much that I recently tried. Best bass under $1500 a steal at $500. Really makes you wonder why other manufacturers cannot offer this kind of quality for this short money. A caviar bass for pretzel money. You can thank me later.

A small rough spot in the middle of the back of the neck which was easily remedied with a few swipes of a greenie pad. I believe this is from shipping and not a manufacturing flaw as I have found similar spots on some other Shecter basses hanging in the store. I am going to inform Shecter so that hopefully they will fix their shipping carton.

Construction and quality is amazing for the price compared to other manufacturers.

I am sorry but I can't think of anything else right now, I have to go play my new bass.

Rogue Cheddar rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-20.

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