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I purchased the 'Fat Head' direct from the manufacture in Melbourne Australia; fortunately, I was one of the few people to get my hands one before the rush. This was in August 2002 and I paid US$2000. The companies web address is

It will out do any amp available! Period. Everone who has used this head either wants to purchase one, or it makes them feel that their own equipment is inadequate. Fender twin types sound achievable, and leaves Mesa dead in the water, HIGH GAIN is a reality. Sorry guys, just being honest! This amp has more useable features than most amp heads Iíve used it put a smile on my face ever time I use it. The amp has made me want to play more! Lots more!!

There is nothing I hate about this amp. It's a killer head. And it's FAT!!!!

This is fully hand made all tube head it has been around since 1995 and has just had a complete redesign by the manufacture. ( The amp is very versatile and has four channels being Clean, Edge, Rhythm and Lead. It uses Midi switching to control the pure tube channels. It comes with its own Foot Controller, which draws its power from the head via a seven-pin din plug. One lead is all that is needed. The Foot controller is also a stand alone 10 channel Midi FC and can be powered separately by a standard 9 Volt power supply, very smart company. FX with Midi can be switched (select programs) via the head, because of its built in Midi (in out/thru) and controlled by the dedicated FC. Also, there is no need to have the amp serviced because it uses a unique pat. system that allows for the user servicing of the power tubes. I have already saved a fortune in servicing costs. The hand wound transformers kick out loads of power and because I have full control over my power tube settings, I can run the tube hot for more punch, once again due to the unique pat. system. No other amp comes close

I would recommend this head to anyone in the professional field, or those aspiring to be so. I cannot speak more highly of the amp. Sherlock Amplifiers customer service is best I've encountered, they are diligent and ensure that your experience is professional, it is a pleasure deal with them and their products are strong on fact. "Please rate the unit on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best" I'll give a six. :-) It's great!!!!!

Mos rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-28.

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