Shine 909 TO Electric Semi (copy Gibson 175) Reviews 4

Ebay dealer, new 325 including shipping.

Excellant almost amazing quality build. Great tangerine colour. Gold plated double pickups and Bigsby tremelo. Cutaway copy of Gibson 175 Good action neck and stays in tune. How they make it for that price is beyond me. Remember Shine make Epiphones for USA in same Korean factory so quality is excellant.

Little overpriced compared to Shine solids with same hardware. Wooden bridge spoils appearance and looks like afterthought. Alternative guitar and almost identical is Korean made Richwood E-415 (brilliant copy of Gretsch) both same pricing just depends if you like sharp Gibson bottom cutaway or Gretsch shape!

Absolutely brilliant quality build, cannot flaw finish and feel. Maple and rosewood used. Check their website to view more about products and details of their quality.

Highly recommended but little overpriced in my opinion yet price is in line with similar branded and non-branded semi electic guitars.

Shuggy rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-01.

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