Shuler 100 watt Pro Reviews 5

I was needing to get an old traynor mark3 repaired and was referred to a man named Dale Shuler. Ididn;t realize it but he custom made amps as well. I had him gut the traynor and put his stuff inside. He is based out of Akron Ohio. I paid around 600.00 but after upgrading speakers, tubes and other stuff I've got a little over a grand in it. I went with him becuase he uses the best parts and makes no short cuts. The tone is superior! Best i've heard.

100 watt 2X12 combo. The tone is second to none. Reverb is unlike any I've heard before. His prescence circuit is great as well. The amp sounds like it has compression built in. Very rich.

The old traynor body.

The quality is excelent. All hand made by Dale himself. He uses hard wire too. Very sturdy.

Iv'e played old twins, marshalls and so forth. Been playing about 25 years. This is the best amp I've owned. Sound wise and for quality. I've also heard other professionals in the business say this is one of the best tones they have heard. I guess for contact info you look up or 330-869-8227 Thanks (or heck, just e-mail me)

Bill Danner rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-09.

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