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I bought this from www.zager Price was $345 I own a Zager acoustic and am a returning customer

The Zager Martin/Sigma is a mahogany back and sides(laminate)solid spruce top acoustic.The fit and finish is A1 and the Zager modifaction is the best set up you can get from an internet seller.If you are new or are a player of any level Denny Zager's set up will keep you improving amd playing.Frets are hand filed to remove any burrs from the factory the nut is modified to widen the stance(space between strings) you get no string slide off but it is brought as close as possible.The saddle is modified to lower the string height and truss rod adjusted as needed.This makes for easier fretting of chords and barre chords.The inotation is adjusted to bring it in tune at all frets.This set up is perfect for finger style play but you can still use a pick

No dislikes with a Zager..The Zager set up and modifacation procees is perfect and any acoustic they work on is selected so any guitars that might have a factort flaw is rejected.100% refund if you are not happy plus any damaged guitar is replaced by them including shipping both ways.

Very good construction and quality.

Bottom line if you can't hand pick your guitar and have it set up and are looking to buy one on the internet or other sales method save yourself problems and try a Zager.They answer all e-mails very fast and will help you with any problem that might arise.Very personal attention to the customer.

cibby rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-10.

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