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I was looking for a guitar that would play like a true "custom guitar", without paying custom prices for a factory made guitar (like a PRS). I looked and played every guitar brand I could get my hands on, and did about 4 months reasearch on the internet. I finally deceided on the Signature Sonata, which I aquired from Ed Roman's web-site. Ed said that if you could not afford a custom guitar (which I could not), this was not only the best alternative, but the best value for the money. I paid $800 for the guitar, plus another $150 to upgrade to Seymour Duncan BlackBack pickups.

This guitar has a carved arch body, with the top back edge carved out to fit your body (like a Fender Strat). The body shape is very similiar to a PRS, except for the binding. The body, neck and headstock are all bound, with abolone binding around the body. The fretboard is ebony, and has a abolone vine inlay from bottom to top. The neck is set with absolutely no heel. It has standard Gotoh tuners. Trim is all gold.

Absolutely nothing.

Construction is very high quality. It is a Korean made guitar, and I would put the craftsmanship and quality above any guitar under $3,000 made in the USA.

With the added Seymour Duncan pickups, the sound quality, the unbelievable action and playability, I do not believe that you can buy a guitar within 3 times the amount I payed for mine, that will play as good (and that includes a couple PRS's I played).

Mark Buckallew rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-14.

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