Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse Special Reviews 4

I played rythum several years ago and stopped playing when I was in college. Had to sell my equipment. About 2 years ago started playing again. Not currently in a band. Like rock, especially KISS, AC/DC, Deadly Teddly Nugent.

Bought it at the local music store, Music and More. Youngest son had grown into a huge Kiss fan. Paid $190 for it.

Plays surprisingly well and has good sound.

Box it came in looks nice but offers little protection. I had some low end string buzz but an adjustment to the truss rod and lighter strings took care fo the problem. Don't much care for the location of the amp jack.

Body feel light weight but other wise I really did not find anything I don't like

Over all a nice guitar especially for a signature model. Plays nice and sound good.

Alpenakiss rated this unit 4 on 2006-04-16.

Got it for christmas of 2003. I got becuase its used by Paul Stanley of KISS. And anything that is good for him to use I'll use. It costs all of $199.99.

I like everything about this guitar. The pickups are amazing and the toggle switch is the best I've used outside of Gibson guitars. I have no caomplaints at all on this guitar.

I don't dislike anything about guitar.

For the price is as good as it gets. I have had no problems with it at all. It's a bolt on neck. Made of mahogany I believe. Nothing has broke on it. except some strings here and there but that happens on all guitars.

This is my Main guitar. I have three other electrics and this is the best. I recommend you buy this guitar.

Ace Frehley Rocks rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-28.

I bought this from musiciansfriend. I paid $210 for it. I bought it because its awesome.

The shape the tone and quality.

It has a chip out of the bottom.

Its nice except black leaves fingerprints

its awesome and worth the money. The guy talking about bad frets is an idiot.

jk rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-17.

Purchased on sale at Media Play for 150.00. I had some extra money, am a KISS fan, and was curious about the guitar-I usually do not buy guitars at Media Play and did not have enough money for the set neck model (Apocalypse Pro)so I figured I would give it a try. Bolt on neck is okay with me because this one had a nicely sculpted heel.

The body style is great, some kind of flying V variation that screams hard rock, KISS, and Paul Stanley. This is not for playing Air Supply. The black sparkle paint finish was excellent. As I said the heel is sculpted nicely. I was very surprised at the quality sound from the open coil humbuckers- nice and full with harmonics and a distinct Kisslike tone when using distortion.

First- I had to inspect no less than seven guitars to find one that was not obviously damaged. The guitars are boxed up with no protection whatsoever. The horns of the V shape were all banged up down to the wood- some boxes actually had the V's protruding out of the box! To Media Play's discredit, I pointed this out to the Media Play person, and after a cursory "thats too bad", right back on the sales floor they went!

Frets were protruding over the edge of the neck. Feels very flimsy, almost like a toy guitar. Closer inspection at home revealed a hairline crack in the body where the neck meets.

I am disappointed in the guitar. With a little more effort to make the guitar better it could be great. There are many guitars in this price range that are thought of as "cheap" but are actually very playable and of decent construction, i.e. Epiphone Les Paul Special. This guitar is would be ideal for those players who take a cheap guitar and install upgraded hardware and pickups, but I can not reccommend it.

Doug rated this unit 2 on 2004-03-25.

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