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I regret ever seeing this guitar. At the music store that I played it I thought Hey it's cheap, the reviews say good. So that's that.

It's cheap. The Volume pots are pretty good. the pickguard. And the color on the black one.

The three way switch is so cheap if you rock hard(like I do) the switch will actually switch positions on it's own. But 10 dollars fixed that. The tuners on mine where scrap metal. 30 dollars fixed that. And the pickups are trash. The neck is HORRIBLE! The finish on the back side is sticky. The frettboard is average, but the paint they used on the back of it is BAD, PATHETIC!

It is extremally light. But that can be good. I just think that light wood dents easier. It's staying together after you tigten everything.

For the money I spent on this I could have gotten a much better guitar If you want to get a cheap SG Go get a Epiphone sg special. Or Their G-310. Don't buy this guitar! Unless if your buying mine. Just get the Epiphone G-310.

My cat hates you rated this unit 1 on 2004-07-19.

I Bought this Guitar at American Musical Supply $149.95 .I wanted a guitar like the one Angus Young uses .

Everything,The Humbuckers are awesome ,this guitar is worth more than what it was priced .The neck is fast and excellent .I play concerts with this guitar and its never let me down.Thank you Silvertone!!!.

Nothing whatsoever.

Its a beautiful double cutaway,wine red guitar with high output humbucker pick-ups ,it has 22 fast frets.And a tune-o-matic bridge.

Buy this Guitar,its amazing.Its a great deal. rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-28.

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