Silvertone Rockit 21 (SSG-21) Reviews 4

Guitar was bought online from for $150. They were very easy to deal with and shipped promptly. I subsequently bought an amp from them, which, incidently, they shipped less than four hours after I played the order. Can't get much better service than that.

I haven't played much guitar for 25 years and decided to get back into it. I wanted something playable, but not expensive. In my opinion, this guitar is a very good bargain for the money. No, its not a $1000 Gibson SG, but it plays very well, sounds decent, has a pretty fast neck, and the finish is durable and tough. And best of all, it didn't cost me a grand!

The only problem I had was the nut was installed slightly off-center which caused the small E string to occasionally slip off the frets and buzz. I considered sending it back, but instead just adjusted the nut myself and now everything is fine. Also the set-up wasn't too good and I had to adjust the pick-ups and there were a couple of loose screws. This took maybe 15 minutes to fix. But I hear people complaining about poor set-up even on expensive guitars, so I'm not making a big issue about this.

There is inexpensive and shoddy. This guitar is NOT shoddy. Finish on the body is very hard and shiny. I notice no flaws in it. Resists scratches very well. Once I straightened out the nut, there was no buzzing. The neck is good. I will give it only a four due to the nut problem, which I think should have been caught at the factory.

This is a very playable guitar and I would recommend it for anyone just starting out or as a back-up. I'll mention that I'm old enough to remember when a "cheap" guitar meant you got a piece of junk that was miserable to play and after a week you wished you hadn't bought. While I'm sure pros can find a few things to criticize on this guitar, the fact is it gives you 80% of a Gibson SG for a mere 20% of the cost. I call that a good deal! Besides, you can always upgrade pick-ups or whatever later and still come out saving money. If lost or stolen, I'd probably buy another.

Satisfied Customer rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-15.

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