Silvertone Rockit 21 (SSG21) Reviews 2

I fell in love with the Gibson SG in the early 60s but never could afford one. This thing looks just like an SG-62. I paid 150 from American Musical Supply.

It is real pretty. That is about it. The neck plays well and the action and intonation were set up well from the factory. The pickups are muddy generic cheap humbuckers much like an Ibanex GAX 70 at normal volume but when distorted the sound is pretty nice. I bought it because of its looks and like getting a wife if she ain't got more than looks it will get old fast.

The neck grain is a bit random and doesn't seem to follow the direction of the neck well so I worry that it may warp. The jack for the cable didn't work at att until I opened up the back and bent the connector over. The thing goes out of tune eaily so needs better tuners. The bolt on neck joint gets in the way of playing up the neck and hurts sustain.

Construction quality varied drastically from part to part. The neck had machine marks on it and random wood grain. The tuners go out of tune easily so if I keep it I will put grovers on it. Pickups were only barely OK so I changed them right away.

After having it only a short time I am putting it up for sale. She looks pretty but ain't got the stuff to make me happy.

Kurt rated this unit 2 on 2004-06-19.

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