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I love music of all kinds, i grew up on 80's metal, but then moved on to more alternative rock, then got more into blues, and worship type music, my favorite musician though was definitly SRV you just can't top that.

I bought it at Hastings, on sale, for 60 bucks, reasoning why i bought it? i've got much better guitars, i've got lespauls, and ibanezes and several other guitars, i bought it cause i wanted the 3 single coil Fender strat sound, but i can't stand the feel of a Fender neck, so basicly i bought the guitar for the body, and the neck.

believe it or not, what i love the most about the guitar is the feel of the neck, it has a very comfortable, and fluid neck, and i've been very impressed with the tuners, for a cheap 60 dollar guitar i expected to have to retune often, but most of the time it stays in tune very well, and even when it's sat for a week or two, if it's out of tune, it's just barely out of tune, maybe i just got a good one or what, cause most people didn't like the tuners on theirs, but mine has exceeded my expectations.

what i don't like about it, well the pickups are very cheap, and they sound cheap, but what can you expect for 60 bucks, and i don't like the headstock, i think it's kinda ugly, and doesn't really flow with the body style, but i'll deal, now i did replace the pickups with a set of Fender Texas Specials, and it sounds unbelievable.

quality, it's much better than what i expected, very well built actually, and extremely comfortable to play.

this is a great guitar for a beginner, or for an experieced guitarist who's picky about comfort, like me, and wants something that's comfortable, and is willing to make the sacrifice of replacing the electronics to acheive that total goal. I'll honestly admit, when i first bought it, i bought it as an experiment to see if i could create that perfect comfort and tone out of a cheap guitar, and i really didn't know it would go so well, and i expected it to be more or less a backup guitar, but to my suprise, it actually get's much more stage time than my LesPaul does.

LesPaulFan04 rated this unit 4 on 2006-09-24.

I got it from Hastings it was $150.00

It is a Greg Benett Signiture guitar and it is just really easy to play.

I personally think its too thick.

Very Good.

Overall it is just a very good guitar.

Thomas Williams rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-13.

at a guitar store, to learn how to play a guitar, around 200 bucks with amp set and i got some strings with it :-) lol + auto tuner

easy to tune, extra strings(incase one breaks when u get really good), strap(for holding it), you are wondering why i rated it a 4 well il tell you, if you are so smart enough and want to learn you would try and play and learn and dont bitch about it anyways if you are smart look up on internet on, metal guitar tuning, or etc whatever your music flavor is, i did, i retuned the guitar and i got like a metal sound better then that default guitar tune, also make your amp have on distortion all guitars have distortion no matter if its a warlock!, its still a electric guitar, i like heavy metal, metal , nu-metal, trust me it actual sounds nice that metal tune setting, better then that cheap old regular tuning, sure it aint the best guitar or you want it for a lifetime, but its great to learn and u can even join a band with it, if you can play good, and retune it, its great for finding new sounds, remember what started metal!, RETUNING

skinny strings, for example if i wanted that real low sound, i have to get thicker strings!, everyone hates this guitar, i wish this was a 7-string then i can learn to play 7 string, gets dusty real fast, fingerprints hard to come off

what can i say, its like a fender!

any ways, this is nice to learn on, and for those newbs not learning and buying warlocks bad idea!, hmm a band that cant play a warlock right isnt just a bad its a piece of shit band, learn to play a guitar first then get a warlock, man you morons anyways im getting really good at playing the guitar and anyways il get down the point

Anthony Deleon rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-15.

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