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I had always had a great deal of respect for the lead guitarist of AC/DC (Angus Young). He has been my favorite guitaist since I startd to listenting to rock. So one day I came to this place in town where I live, Athens Texas, that sold nothing but music and music equipment. As I scoped out the store, I came across the guitar section, and there it was, the guitar Angus played, an SG! I saved for weeks to pay for the guitar. Of course it wasn't a Gibson, but it would do. I payed $380.00 dollars for the guitar.

What I think is unique about my guitar is that it looks, and plays just like Angus's SG! It has humbuckers, has been tuned to perfection, extended bridge, and wide facing. In the year and a half I've had the guitar, it has never failed me for a second.


It has an oak-like facing, cherry coloring, with a black facing. It has adjustable humbuckers, and has no dings or scratches what so ever

Here lately,I have been thinkg about trading my guitar for either a les paul, or maybe a 7-string guitar. I have formed a local band, and all we play are some of the more famous, classic rock songs such as from Aerosmith, Guns 'n' Roses, Ac/Dc, ZZ Top, etc. If I get this les Paul you have, then I can take my guitar skills to a new level!

Rickie Rutledge rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-08.

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