Simon and Patrick SP Pro Mahogany Reviews 5

I'm a guitar hobbyist and have been playing for years. Never too seriously untill about two years ago. As my slill level increased, I found my old ovation applause just wasn't cutting it for sound or playaility anymore.

I received the instrument as a christmas gift from my wife, but I believe it was in the $800 (CAD) range.

The look of the instrument is very nice, and I have always preferred the dreadnought style. The sound that came out of this guitar was amazing. A very rich full tone that made my old ovation sound very "tinny" and flat... almost like a toy in comparison. Because I had never heard of the manufacturer, I likely would have passed this instrument over without even bothering to play it, if i had made the purchase myself. Now, I would have a hard time finding another guitar that I would be willing to trade this one for.

The tuning keys look and feel a little cheap and I am considering replacing them. The wood is soft and easily dents so be careful. I found this out the hard way when I was careless while storing it in it's case one day :( I get the occasional "fret buzz" when finger position is not dead on, or playing with a capo.... and do not experience this same problem with other guitars. I am wondering if i can make adjustments to correct this.

This is a sweet sounding guitar that outplays other much more expensive instruments!

Shane rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-30.

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