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Purchased in Illinois for $350.

The quality of the sound this guitar makes is incredible considering the price. I simply could not find a better guitar for $350. The solid top and light, satin finish produce a rich, bright sound. The body provides a good balance of bass. Playability is superb. It looks great too.

The satin finsish and soft wood make this guitar a little more prone to getting scratched than I expected. However, if I played right, then I might not scratch it. Just be careful.

Great. See above descriptions.

Buy this guitar.

AG rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-26.

Purchased online from for $299 with a case in November 1999. I bought this guitar while needing for upgrade to a good sounding acoustic for use in church worship.The construction is superb.This was a factory second. The flaw was a tiny gap in the binding. Talk about a picky manufacturer! The fit and finsh (even the interior is perfect). It has a solid cedar top. Special cherry laminate on sides and back. The sound is full and rich - well balanced. I did an A/B test with a Martin DM and the S&P6 sounds just as good with a better neck. The mahogany neck is perfect for me. On the thin side and 1 3/4 width makes finger picking a breeze. Perfect intonation up and down the neck.

This is as close as I can get to a Martin for half of the price.The cedar top is soft you must take care not to bump it.The unit is hand-crafted in Canada by the LaSiDo company (makers of Seagull guitars). This a cousin to the Seagull S6 but with Martin dreadnought shape. I don't understand how they can sell these so cheap. I played dozens of other guitars under $600. Nothing in the $300 range came close to the tone balance and feel of this guitar. The closest competition was the Martin DM and Larrivee D02. The Simon was the value choice at half the price. A hand-crafted guitar with case for $300? And it has great tone and super action? Look into the Simon and Patrick or Seagull guitars. As Acoustic Guitar magazine said This guitar seemed to have no limits. Try one and you will agree.

Steve Barrett rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-25.

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