Simon and Patrick Woodland 12 Spruce Reviews 5

I mostly use this guitar for playing in church. I have been playing for over 30 years, the last 15 mostly for fun.

I was looking for a 12 string, and had seen SImon & Patrick 6 strings. The combination of affordibility and quality was enough for me to buy this guitar.

I love the fullness of an acoustic 12 string, and this one sounds great. I get a lot of comments on how much people love the sound. The neck is quite comfortable for the extra width of 12 string (and an acoustic for someone who is more used to electrics.

Having to change 12 strings! I hate changing strings, and now there's twice as many--although it's worth it when I hear the new strings. The top is a bit thin, and I have put a small crack in it--but it hasn't detracted from the sound.

Overall quite sturdy, except for the top as mentioned. It's not as fancy or sturdy as some much higher priced guitars, but for it's price range it is well made. The store I bought it from told me to play it for a couple of weeks and then bring it back so they could adjust it--it played even better then. It's an easy playing guitar--especially for a 12 string.

My only regret is that I didn't get a pickup for this one right away. But it sounds beautifual when mic'd as well. It has very good lows, and beautiful highs. The mid range is clear as well.

zontar rated this unit 5 on 2007-10-21.

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