Sky-Way TB-605 (black) Reviews 3

I bought it at "Ragtime" music shop in Wroclaw - Poland. I acquired it because of nice sound and extraordinary price - 100$ (NEW).

Everything in this bass is amazing. I mean it's really standart bass, but for this price it's really good. I like the sound and shape of instrument. It's also very light.

I don't like sound of slap & pop technique. You can play the 4th string (E) using slap, but playing 3rd string (A) using slap is impossible. Sound of A is deaf. Popping thing is quite good, but most of slap & pop solo's require A string, so it's really hard to play it.

It's standart 4 string, neck bolt-on bass (4 screws), with 24 fret rosewood neck. It has 2 pickups, an imitation of p-bass and j-bass. I has 3EQ - 1 - pickup change 2,3 - tone.

It's very difficult to rate this bass :-). It's really stnadart bass with average or even little poor sound, but for this money (100$) it's really great!. It's good bass for bigginers and those who are short of money :-). If you are impatient begginer and/or short of money, buy this bass it's worth it. PS. It's Chinese product :-) PPS.(amazing, but it's good Chinese product :-))

N3t rated this unit 3 on 2004-07-27.

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