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i dont know how much this guitar cost. my parents made me pay 135$ but i dont know how much it was total.

this guitar is one of the best i have ever played. the fretbord is like glass. it is so smooth and easy one your fingers. i have played this guitar for hours and not had my hands hurt. the feel os the guitar is really nice. it likes to sit farther back on your leg. which i think is a really good thing because my guitar strap is low. the sound is great! i have a tranz-amp amp and a Behringer v-amp 2 pedal and i can do so much with that guitar. i love to play punk/rock pop/rock hard rock stuff and you can do all of that with this guitar. the two humbuckers make it sound great. the three-way pick-up selecter is great. this guitar has two volume knobs and one tone knob. that can really help out you sound. the brige pick-up has a little acoustic sound to it when it is played clean. but the neck pick-up doesnt do that. i use the acoustic sound to advantage. great guitar no matter what your plating level.

there is rally nothing wrong with the guitar. i think mine was a mess up because the pick-up at the bridge was not screwed in enought. and after about 2 months the sodering conection went bad. but the guitar comes with a 2-year warenty so it was fixed for free. i havent had any problem since. if you put .09 gauge strings on it and play in drop-D the string will raddle aginst the 1st fret. put you can fix that really easy. so no big deal. i've used .09 .10 .11 gauge strings on it before and they all work. so there is really no problem with this guitar.

this thing is built great! i love the maple neck. the body is Agathis w/faux quilt top. it looks really great. everything is chrome. this guitar will erally last. its 24 3/4 inchs long. i think that it makes it more stable. if you sit down with the guitar you can tell if a string is moveing because you can feel it. i like that.

this is a great guitar for anybody. i would tell any one to buy this guitar. every body who has played it loves it. the dont care who it is that makes it they love the sound and feel. i love this thing!

relient k freak rated this unit 5 on 2005-04-19.

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