Sleishman Drum Kit / Set Reviews 5

I bought the kit through Adam @ Muso's Corner in Newcastle, Australia $14,450

To find a REAL drum kit these days is a real struggle. I believe that I have found the ULTIMATE drum kit. I have owned Pearl Masters, and many other kits, BUT Sleishman are the only thing that has really got the BEST sound, BEST resonance, and BEST quality when being produced.

The isn't really all that much that I can say I dislike about Sleishman Drums.

Ever thought of a free-floating kit? Well Sleishman are the WORLD'S First to produce it. There is no minimum or maximum concerning tuning with these kits

Don't settle for second best!!! Sleishman Drums are Australian Made & Owned. Awesome drums. Go and try one today

DR CLAW rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-28.

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