Sleishman Drum Set Reviews 4

Purchased in Melbourne for around $6500.

Tone is excellent. Huge sound out smaller sized drums. Massive dynamic range. Easy tuneability over a huge range. Brick block snare is super responsive to light touch. 20" kick drum has a killer bottom end. This kit is so versatile when recording due to the easy tuning. Can get a huge variation in sounds without much effort.

Sometimes bottom head lugs work loose and fall out. (probably because you need bugger all tension on these drums) Could do with a lug lock on bottom heads. Tom arms are nothing fantastic, but they do the job. Its not really a dislike, but these drums are really, really LOUD if you get carried away.

Shells are excellent with excellent laquor finish. Shell hardware is solid, but tom arms are a bit crappy.

Overall good quality for the price, and better sounding than drums twice the price in my opinion. If you are an Audiophile as well as a drummer, then these drums are for you.

Paul V rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-07.

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