Slingerland Artist Series Maple Reviews 5

I had been looking for a new snare for quite some time. Scanning the local classifieds and pawnshops hoping to find the rare steal of a deal until I saw and their line of Slingerland snares. I kept an eye on this model for about a month and then I saw it on sale for $124.95, with shipping it came out to $138.25.

Die-cast hoops are a great feature. 10 lug design. Natural maple finish. Thick 3ply shell.

The snare string is junk, go ahead and get some before the drum arrives, that was pretty annoying. The strainer will get sticky if you don't oil it occasionally, but thats just maintenance.

It's pretty heavy duty, the die-cast hoops lend themselves to awesome sounding rimshots, and the 10 lugs are really nice to tune and stay in tune with. The clear laquer on the drum is pretty tough, and I use it for most gigs and travel without a case. The lugs and strainer are classic Slingerland design.

It's a great snare drum! They sell pretty cheap because they're built overseas, but it is awesome nonetheless. I got one and am VERY pleased, I'm not sure that you can find a nicer snare for the price. If you like the sound of maple, and want a pro-quality drum, check this out. Peace out and rock on...

Chris Peer rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-05.

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