Slingerland Magnamax Hardware Pack Reviews 5

I bought the hardware kit from, for about $280 with shipping.

I cannot believe how well this stuff is made, all the little details are done pretty well, like having plastic bushings where metal touches metal. It includes this awesome big-ass bike type seat that is really a NICE feature.

Not much other than the fact that it's pretty heavy, but the stuff is strong as hell, so...

Top-notch, real heavy duty, very shiny chrome finish.

I was thinking about purchashing Gibraltars Rock series, but I couldn't afford there "bottom line" hardware so I just kind of took a risk and bought the stuff. I'm very pleased and will probably buy their Slingerland drum set as well, to replace my Tama Rockstar set. I'd get it if you want some kick ass equipment for a very reasonable price.

Chris Peer rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-29.

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