Slivertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse Special Reviews 5

I purchased this Guitar from my Local Guitar store after much searching and pondering. I got it for $550 is RRP at $600.

Okay where do I start...! Well first this guitar looks fan-fricken-tastic it has pretty glitter paint ..which Iam okay with but could do with out as i play thrash, heavy and death metal. Anyway it has a very smooth sculpted neck heal, which makes it heaps easier to play on the higher frets. it is a thicker neck than a standard guitar but for me it is a big bonus... it is sturdy I Have banged and bashed this thing on doors, lights and various other things by accident and it has no marks expect one but I will get to that later. its pickups are high out put which is good, they have a nice tone but if you have crap strings they make you pay for it. But they are still good. the machine heads are nice they stay in tune well. i Donít Know what the other review is going on about with the frets ...he just must have a bad one. Mine are fine and well finished. the tunomatic and stop tail bridges are very nice problems there. switcher and tone and volume knobs are all good to real problems there.

There is one and only one thing i donít like about this guitar. That is the strap button at the neck end of the guitar is in the most retarred place ..i dont know how anyone could play it there... it makes the neck slip down. But i got mine moved to just under the neck and now it is the best guitar Iíve ever played in terms of balance and trust me I looked at and most likely played every guitar within $500 - $800 Aus. the only mark i have on my guitar was from when the strap nut was moved.. the thankfully gone assistant at the shop slipped with the drill and marked the inside of the top front horn ...damm him ..apart from that this guitar Rocks.

Good construction ..sturdy and will last through most thrashing around beating's and jumping you can do. It will most likely hurt you before you hurt it. top notch Quality for Slivertone.. only outclassed by Gibson.

Very good i recommend it to anyone in metal music...defiantly worth it ...and is a collectors item since only 1000 of them ever made...pick one up if you can. Profligate Rules donít forget it

Evolution rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-01.

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