Sonor Sonic Plus Five Piece Drum Kit Reviews 4

i have been playing for four years, about six months in a band, and i like most types of grunge/metal/hard rock, and a little bit of softer stuff

i got this kit at guitar center to upgrade from my starter kit, and i paid about $750. i think these are discontinued, but you could find them somewhere like ebay.

i love the tone/sound that these drums give out, the shells are thicker then average drums, especially the bass. so they project very well, and the bass, while only being a 16x22 has a good deep gut-kicking feel. i use powersound 2 heads on the toms and they give off a deep but resonant tone, wich is what i like best. the snare, while being a good snare, is nothing special. i like it, and the only real problem i have had with it is it distorts at really loud settings. so its good for probably anything but extreme loud metal. overall a nice kit, good for 750, but i wouldnt have paid more.

not much i dont like, just buy the right heads and you can make it sound however you want

i would say very well built. i dont have a bass pedal or hihat stand by sonor, but the kit hardware quality is good. the only compliant i have is the tension rods, which are the straight screwdriver type, so you have to have a special key

if you want a very nice kit to play as a hobby, and you find one of these on ebay or amazon, go ahead and get it

drummer 4 years rated this unit 4 on 2007-02-25.

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