Sony Screenblast Movie Studio Reviews 5

I spent a couple months shopping around for the perfect moviemaker program because I just bought digital camcorder. I acquired this software at Best Buy, and it was a great deal! It was $69.99, regular $99.99!

I like how computer friendly the software is and itís so fast. The software has effects like fire or lightning. The software has transitions like a page turning. You can warp the video like slow it down or speed it up. O yeah! You can also do Green Screen effects!!! You can put yourself on the top of Mount Everest or in the middle of WWII

I do not like the software because you cannot fade 2 video clips together like in MGI videowave

Iíve had this for a month and it doesnít get repetitive. Making videos is fun and you can do whatever you think of

This software offers a lot of freedom and is very easy to use. If you do not know how to do somethingÖ the wizard will help you and guide you through. You can easily change settings. Previewing your video before you produce it is easy. This software supports many formats. You will not regret purchasing this product

Best of the dozen eggs rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-24.

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