Sound Percussion SP880BS2 Boom Cymbal Stand Reviews 4

The Sound Percussion boom cymbal stand, priced at only $39.99 (or $59.99 when you purchase 2) proves that it can stand up to even the beefiest of competitors after 6 months of brutal beatings by yours truly. I am a student, musician, writer, and pretty good line dancer residing in beautiful Nashville, TN. I've been a drummer and guitar player for the past 10 years of my life and have began engineering and producing in the past 4. I currently play drums for the band Brookline and you can see me rockin' an Orange County Drum or Mapex kit decked out with Zildjian K Hybrids.

I purchased these two boom stands, along with a straight stand, at Guitar Center in Nashville about 6 months back when I became tired of lugging around 500 lbs of Gibraltar stands for local gigs. These two booms are priced at $59.99 for the pair and if your able to convince Guitar Center your a big deal (I recommend getting some tattoos) they will throw you the GC Pro discount which will take another $10 or so off.

These stands are an incredible value for the price - They stand strong, have great height and range, a hide-away boom, and are light weight making them much more travel-friendly than others. I play 19' and 21' med crash's and place them pretty high - being the wanna-be rocker that I am, they get a good beating and there is hardly no shake while playing. The braces are strong and the rubber inserts grip the top half of the stand like the mighty warrior Zeus, never slipping at all.

My only complaint about these stands fall upon adjusting the height once set up. I know that I like to be able to tweak the height of my stands once I'm sitting at the throne to get that perfect feel when going for my cymbals. If you loosen the bolt even the slightest the stand drops without any give making it sometimes a frustrating back and forth to get to that perfect height.

Starting at the bottom, the braces are strong and you feel like your messing with a piece of machinery rather than a childs play thing like all other stands in this price range. All parts tighten firmly and all though the stand itself uses a thinner metal than others, it feels just a strong.

Bottom Line? Unless you have 4 drum techs and a cartage company loading in and out for you every night, there is no better way to go than the Sound Percussion Boom Cymbal Stand. With strength, sturdiness, and reliability at such a low price, you won't find anything better.

AlexV rated this unit 4 on 2010-03-11.

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