Sound Percussion 4 Piece Drum Set Reviews 2

i play mostly rock and punk music.

i got this set for $250 (on sale) as my first set for a gift.

i liked that it comes with every thing you need (hardware,drums,and cymbals) and that the hihat and ride make decent sound. i dont think the seat is suposed to double as a practice pad but it could be used that way.

the bass is to washy,the snare makes a horbile noise after you have it for about a month,the cymbals and heads get scratched and dented with every hit,the toms make a rattling souind,the hardware wobles,no crash cymbal,only one mounted tom,base pedal slides,base leans to the side of the tom,the floor tom falls over frequently.

the heads are a thick easily marked matiral,the shells are some kind plasticy metal. the cymbals are made of thin brass.

over all this set sucks but i guese it would be ok for a first timer but you might need to upgrade it a little. i dont think its worth $250 (origanly $370)

the shizz rated this unit 2 on 2006-07-25.

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