Sound Percussion 4-Piece Drum Set Reviews 2

I aquired this drum kit at Guitar Center for about $300. Retail price is $495. This kit came with with stands and cast cymbals.

Bass Drum- Great sounding thump when dampened with a pillow. Snare Drum- Very sensitive when hit in dead center. Toms- Wide range of tones, even when the bottom head is taken off. Hardware- Surprisingly light. Cymbals- hi-hat very good stick attack and a projecting "chick", Crash ride nice bell and wash.

Bass Drum- sounds like a tympani without the dampening. Snare drum- snare rattles when not assembing it correctly. Toms- heads make divots in them very easily. Hardware- stands very flimsy. Cymbals- Crash ride not very good as a primary ride.

The drums are constructed with maple, although it looks like it was made out of cherry wood. The black finish wrap is not very good because it has a layover to it. The heads are a two-ply head made out of plastic, which makes hitting it very tricky to do. The cast cymbals I am not sure of because I think that it is made with scrap cymbals but there is no indicaton of that. The bass drum pedal is made entirely with aluminum but the beater slides on it's holder easily.

This kit is a good starter kit for a beguinner, but with the experienced drummer, this kit is not for you. Try looking for something else.

Brandon rated this unit 2 on 2003-09-09.

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