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I got it via the sounds-creative website, I bought it because I have a great guitar but wanted to modify it so I could get more tonal scope out of it. 90.

For a start, I got in touch with them becuase of the ToneCube review in Total Guitar, and it looked good. Via email, I found out that I really could do with the rhythm master because it does acoustic sim, and also hotpot because it is a passive distortion - after some excellent advice, Alan (the man there) said he would make a custom order of the 3 products based on 2 push/pull tone pots. I can now cut treble / bass / mids using the tonecube and rhythm master, make it sound like an acoustic, and with a push and a twist, dial in some good Jimmy Page style rawk. Once fitted there is no maintenance, cool.

the only thing that took getting used to is that when you turn the distortion on there is no volume boost - but all you have to do is dial back a bit on your volume (which is calibrated differently because of the tonecube, so it give a better response like a hifi, rather than going all muddy when your halfway down) and then crank it to 11 when you pop in the fuzz - which has a nice sweep from full on to dirty crunch, I have seymour duncan aph-1 humbucker in the bridge, which is total rock, and 2 singlecoils in middle and neck, nice smooth overdrive.

very simple, 2 push/pull tonepots, and 2 little resin boxes which stick to the inside of your cavity, plenty of room for it all

Bottom line: The service and advice was excellent, Alan is a musician so advised from a sense of tone rather than being just a clever techy (which I think he probably is too), and the product itself is amazing value for money, I can cut tone so humbucker sounds like a single, even out of phase, and can go from acoustic sounds to crunch without moving my feet. Highly recommend you have a look for yourself

IanF rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-23.

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