Spector Korean Bolt-on 5 String Reviews 4

I got this at a Guitar Center for $350. It was 50% off because of a small gouge on the back, near where you rest your right forearm. I never had a 5 string and wanted to get one without dropping a ton-0-cash.

I've long been a fan of Spector basses. And for entry level stuff, they are awfully tough to beat. Clean, crisp, and clear, with a nice growl when you want it. Very good clarity and response from the E and B strings. Alder body, quilt maple top. Maple/rosewood neck. Active EMG soapbars. 2 volumes, bass and treble controls.

I would prefer a master volume and blend, to 2 separate volumes. I may change that down the road.

Needed a minor fret leveling to get the action really nice. It wasn't horrible, but after I leveled and crowned the frets, it's a very quick bass. The hardware is good, but I'm not wild about the finish. I would describe it as vaguely transparant. Fit and finish on the Korean Spectors seems to be how they hit the low price point with the high quality sound.

If money was no object, I suppose I'd give it a 3. In terms of bang for the buck, it's an easy 5. So, I'll average it out to a 4 - which is probably what I'd give it had I paid full price.

JoeW rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-16.

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