Spector NS2000-4 Reviews 5

I was looking around for a new bass because my old one (the one I started out on) was holding me down as a musician. I looked around in several stores, and found this spector at a small non-chain store in a local town. The bass was used, but was in mint condition. I paid 500 dollars for it. Its msrp is around a grand

The neck of this bass is slender and is easy move across. I like the pickups. They are EMG soapbars (two) and pick up the sound well and give me good tone variety. There are four nobs: one for bass, one for treble, and 2 EQ's. Also, it is a beautiful looking instrument. It caught my eye as soon as i saw it. Its a sunburst amazing beautiful thing i cant describe. Also, it is a neck through body.

The only thing I dont like is that it was a good deal of money, although i bought it used.

The bass is a neck through body. It is made for alder wood i think. There are twenty four frets. It is very sturdy, but it is also heavy.

This bass is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone out there that has some money to spare. Just looking at it makes me want to become a better musician. I love stuart spector and his basses!

Sachin Pandey rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-23.

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