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I bought this guitar from Bass Central in florida from Beaver Felton. I got to talk to him personaly! I needed a replacement for my EBD 600 Ibaneze purple 4 string (witch was a great starter bass). I play prefessional for church and needed something 5 string and with no buzzsz or hums so i started looking the process took about 3 months. list is about $2400 with case. I paid $1599.00 out the door.

This is the best bass for the money. It has emg-dcs pickups with the agullar pre-amp 18 volts-more bottom and headroom than i'll ever need. the finish is out of this world- I got the green stain high gloss with the quilt top. The scaller hardware is perfect- all tuners, strap locks are gold scaller. the bridge is solid brass with gold plating and also the nut is brass. This bass has more sustain than any i've played. The body is the perfect size.

The knobs are cheap. I replaced mine with solid brass gold plated knobs from carvin. I expected a nicer hardshell case but it does the job.

the bass is very well made. It was almost in tune when ups droped it off in a blizzard. the bass is well balenced the neck bosen't weigh it down like most fenders i've played. the fit and finish couldn't be better. it has a life time warranty. This bass is built for a life time.

I would recommend this bass to anyone. It is the best one i"ve ever played-I played g&l, fender american jazz, warwick, ernie ball musicman, samick-valley arts, peavy, gibson, kramer before deciding on the spector. I couldn't be more pleased.

Greg Burnette rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-08.

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