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$600 from Parkway in Clifton Pk, NY, USA, with it's matching compact hard case. You can't help but notice it hanging on a shop wall because it looks odd with its small body, so I took it down and played it because it has dual humbuckers [my favorite set up]. It played easily and sounded just like I thought it would, only better: mellow but with a touch of "bark", yet no trace of that "MusicMan thing".

See above, plus: it's really a Steinberger, which explains the peculiar voice. I mean Stuart built them but they are Ned's weird idea [which is why it's called N-S-X]. I like that it's far more compact than any other "non-stick" bass, with peg-head, but big enough to feel "normal". Sound [see above] is what really sold me. I like a classic tone, MoTown-ish but not all muddied.

I don't like that there's only 200 of these and that leaves it somewhat irreplaceable and I missed out on a back-up that was just about "given away" at $200 :-( I guess I should mention here that everyone but me sees it as some sort of ugly, to a varying degree.

Very skinny neck with 2+2 peg head, very compact body, sort of 1/2 between normal [twin horns, etc] and a "paddle" type. Bolt-on neck joint. Heavy hardware, I think all Schaller, and 2 EMG humbuckers. Even though it's light, you immediately sense that it's a brick house solid ax. There's not a lot to describe here because it's not some collection of features that make this bass, it a whole way of being: Compact but not silly-small, conventional feeling and layout, great tone.

Stuart Spector says he made about 200 of these. If you come across one, check it out. Don't know if it really IS ugly but maybe that makes it hard to kill. I'm rating it a 5 cuz it's solid, easy to play, sounds great, easy on the shoulder, and everyone else says she's UHGGLEE!! but if you take her home, you make beautiful thudwakker music together. Is that love?

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-11.

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