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I don't own this guitar, but it is a standard acoustic that I play in a music class. I would estimate it to cost fifty dollars, but I'm not sure.

It seemed to stay in relative tuning. I wouldn't call up Ripley, but that part about it was alright. Other than that, it was a pretty meek design.

Maybe it's true of all miniature acoustics, but they have a weak, unpure sound that I cannot stand. The tone is laughable when compared to any full size acoustic. It might as well have been labeled as a Yukelele. Plus it seems to be made of cardboard. The neck is pretty cheap.

It's solid, but cheap. It's not great to look at. I've seen better wood in a strip joint for the elderly.

It might work as a beginner's first step into guitar or maybe as an instrument to hang on the walls for display. But if you know anything about guitars, even the tiniest, slightest thing, stay away from the 3/4 size model. Squier makes some high quality guitars. I'm not disrespecting the brand. But this particular model is worthless.

warchicken rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-20.

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