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I own this squire p-bass deluxe in a golden shore color. it is a four string bass with a split pickup in front and a jazz pickup near the bridge. I love the tone and the action on this bass and have not found a amp that this bass would not play nice with. I have effects processors and tone enhancers that go un used when this bass is in the house.

I found this bass in the bargin bin as it has a split in the back that is either a crack in finish or body.

What I like is the sound and the look of this bass, however it comfortablly hangs from the sholders with a leather strap for the long gigs.

It has a white plastic pick guard I wish it had a brown for the white shows grim. The crack in the body dose not effect the playablity but I wish it was not there.

quality of the bass is wonderfull at this price point a great value. Rosewood neck and adler body give this bass a very professional feel. I would buy squire before Fender any day.

In a nut shell this bass has given me a wonderful bass playing experience and deserves to be ranted about. Satifaction seem a given with this product.

Bassdale rated this unit 5 on 2010-07-31.

I bought this bass from musicians friend for $219.99. (added jazz pick-up)

Easy to learn on, good sound becuase you can get a precision sound, a jazz sound, or both.

It tends to fall start to fall apart within the first year of purchase. The knobs fall off and the jack seems to break every 6 or 7 months.

Good quality considering the price. Not as good as Fender constructing. But that is why it is cheaper than Fenders.

Good starting Bass. Not a wonderful bass. But an ok bass. Not a great sound but an average good sound that you can get all different all around sounds from.

Greg rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-26.

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