Squier 20th Anniversary Limited Alder Standard Strat Reviews 5

I got this one from a local Fender Authorized Dealer for $279 US.

What's not to like? The Squier standards are patterned after the Fender American standard lines.

It's a Fraction narrower in nut width so I can't just throw an LSR roller nut on it. I would have to replace the neck first or settle for a wilkenson roller nut. While the Wilkenson is a fine product, any strings with a high E larger than .009 bind in it. I prefer 10's. Oh, well... I think I'll live.

It's a Squier made by Fender. I could run over it with a Mack truck and it would still be giggable. It's got the alder body. Maple neck and fingerboard. Two point fulcrum tremolo bridge. 42mm nut (as apposed to a 43mm on the Fender). It has a 9.5" neck radius. One volume pot. Two tone pots. Three single coil alnico magnet pickups. Mine has a Metallic Black finish with a three ply white pick guard and Sealed cast tuners. Oh, and a large 60's style headstock.

This thing plays like a dream. The action is so good why look for anything else. It's built like a brick wall and it gives you a pretty good vintage Fender sound. Warning: I will say this about it. Any single-coil pickup guitar and clean amp combination will show you and everybody else your mistakes. That is not a bad thing... unless you're content with being a mediocre player. If you want to be a pro, get a setup like this and work on your weak points. This setup can have a beautiful sound if you know what you're doing.

Oh what beautiful silence you describe!!! rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-14.

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