Squier Affinity Fat Srat Reviews 5

Paid $AUD699 in Sydney for the guitar, amp, bag, leads etc. I bought it for my son as a good mid range guitar for him to develop on.Of course he doesn't really appreciate it so now its MINE !

Good construction, excellent paint finish ( red wine "special run" edition ), everything works as it should and it has better tone than I expected for the price, especially from the humbucker pup. neck is fast and straight and there is no fret buzz anywhere.

Has a tendency to go slightly out of tune but thats more to do with the weather here I suspect ( bloody hot one day, raining the next !!! ).

Excellent on this particular guitar, don't know that its consistent across the Affinity range though. I tried a number of different guitars ( including an Epiphone LP copy )and found the quality varied a fair bit.Shop around and try a few, find one thats better than the rest.

This is a good value guitar for a mid level guitarist to build their skills on. I had a Gibson LP years ago......when I was young and thought I could play....nothings changed except I'm older....and whilst the Squire is no Gibson its not 8 times worse which is about the price diff in Oz. Son likes it but he needs to show more respect ( to me not the guitar ) before he can have it !!

Jeff, Sydney rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-19.

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