Squier Affinity Super Strat Reviews 5

i was looking for an inexpensive electric to go along with my danelectro and marshall mini amps. I bought this squier instead of the standards because they guy said it had better tuners and stayed in tune for twice the time as the older version. I payed $285 for this guitar at long and mcquade.

It has a fast neck, its fingerboard is easy to make chords on and sounds come out fantastic through almost any half decent amp. the knobs are user freindly and this guitar actually stays in tune! its been 1 week i aint had to tune it. Its very light and its very comfortable. Extemely nice to look at, mines british racing green.

only 1 humbucker, but nothing good distortion cant fix.

Its very well built, it doesnt give away to anything, ive bumped it once against the wall and there wasnt any paint missing. Nothing. Very durable peice of wood. It was made with care and it took me about 10 minutes to rip through the stuff that was protecting it in the box. Squier wantted to assure everything was safe.

one of the more advanced squiers, definatly not for a beginner, not this one. Its more for accomplished players who cant afford much (like me) id recomend this guitar to any1 who has been playing for less than two years. You wont regret your buy!!!!!!!

Shifty rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-04.

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