Squier Bullet Strat 20th Anniversary Edition Reviews 4

Les Paul Music, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Cost roughly about USD120/-. I actually didn't plan to buy this guitar when I did. I walked into the store and I picked it up and it felt totally different from any other Strat-like electric I've tested. And it had a luscious cream finish too (think Yngwie..). I booked it immediately and took it home a week later.

Smooth fast neck. Fabulous clean tone, as good as a real-for-deal AM Strat, better than some Mexican-made Strats, Wonderful cream finish (I understand this is very rare on Squiers..)

On some settings, pickups can be a tad bit noisy. This guitar would rock even more if it had a two octave neck (it has 21 frets only) but I'm not complaining.

Very good finishing, I've banged this guitar a few times and no visible ding. Nice smooth maple neck w/ rosewood fingerboard. Stock tremolo stays in tune after heavy use. Tuners are chrome-plated enclosed, lubed type, stays in tune without any problems. I don't suffer any of the problems (intonation, lousy bridge etc) many Squier owners complain about. Overall, flawless workmanship (for a Squier that's really saying something..). This particular one is a freak of nature, that's why I bought it, even when I was broke. I will never sell this guitar,...

Wonderful guitar, i got very lucky i bought it when i did. Other friends have bought newer Squiers and they feel totally, completely different. And inferior.. Lovely. Lucky me, phew...

mac rated this unit 4 on 2003-02-03.

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