Squier Double Fat Strat Reviews 4

I purchased this for 200 pounds at a local store called sound control. I purchased this because its great for punk music and gives alot of crunch!

The bridge is awsome on this guitar and looks great. Its my first electric guitar and am very pleased with it. Recomended for a first guitar within a chreap budget.

does needed tuning everytime u play but what guitar doesnt need tuning once in a while!

For the price, a well constructed guitar and u get ur quality for your money.

Great for a first guitar.

Dave Pierce rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-13.

I bought this guitar from the musician's friend because I wanted to learn to play.

I love this guitar! My first electric, this guitar sounds beautiful on the bottom humbucker. Very clean sounds when using both pickups at once. Sounds awesome on the overdrive built into my amp and I'm sure that a quality stomp box would really make this guitar rock. The sparkling "Shoreline Gold" paintjob really stands out. Comes with a chrome tremolo.

Nothing much. Not enough springs on the bridge,(only 2) but a third comes in a little baggie.

This guitar is a Chevy! (Like a rock) I've dropped it a few times with hardly a mark! Seems a little heavy, but I suppose it's just very sturdy. It came in a heavily packaged box. The guitar came partially set up already and only needed minor adjustment and tuning before it was ready to play. All the hardware seems decent enough and is secure on the guitar.

This is a quality guitar and perfect for a beginner or a backup gig guitar.

Kyle rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-10.

Actually I traded an american Fender strat for a Line 6 Guitar Port and this guitar at a local Guitar Center. This Guitar was almost $200.

The paint job is great, gothic flat black like the les paul gothics. The pickups are even ok for stock.

The neck feels way too small for my hands, and every time I go for a huge bend, it feels as though it will snap like a toothpick. The nut is plastic, meaning cheap.

Decent quality and construction for an import.

If I had the chance again, I do not think I would get this guitar again. That is mainly because I have owned an american strat. And the only thing wrong with that guitar was the fretjob and I made the wrong choice (maple fretboard, wanted rosewood). This guitar is great for beginners or budget minded folks, but I doubt any serious guitarist would choose this for main axe.

Mark rated this unit 2 on 2003-10-30.

I paid $200 for it at Guitar Center.

It is a really good guitar for the money. It is also the most versitile guitar I've ever played--and at only $200, it was a steal. I liked this thing better than a Gibson Les Paul! It also has a floating tremolo bridge, so I can really let my soul loose on this baby.

It is a bit hard to tune, due to the floating trem, but otherwise, it's great!

Solid as the pyramids of Giza. I've had this guitar for some time now, and it has yet to even need a simple pickup adjustment. Eventhough there seems to be a stigma attached to buying anything assembled in Asia, I'd have to say that the Indonesian luthiers that put mine together did a fine job. :-)

Go ahead and buy it. If not for grins, than buy it for an eager 8-year-old who is willing to learn guitar. P.S.--This guitar sounds best when hooked up to a Marshall AVT150 full stack.

Nick Kennedy rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-04.

mars music $200

good tone and durability for the price

nothing for the price

good for something made in indonesia

great for the price

simply steve rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-08.

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