Squier Frontman Starter Package Reviews 4

Purchased at local musical instrument retailer, gift for my son who was keen to learn at home & school, price paid 189.00

Overall appearance of the guitar is very pleasing, at first glance only the Squier logo on the headstock reveals it is not the genuine Fender Strat. The action is excellent for the price, the tone & volume controls are accurate and the pick up selector very smooth. Our one holds it's tuning remarkably well.

Very little ! The pick ups themselves are rather "lightweight" and obviously don't deliver the quality of a genuine Strat, but then you are surely aware that something has to give way for the price you pay. !

Very well constructed, holds up well to being thrashed by 12 year old "wanabe's", after 3 months of almost daily use, finish is still in place and everything working as new.

An excellent starter package for youngsters and adults alike. I have been playing for over 20 years, using a variety of genuine Fender guitars, this Squier holds it's own. However a word of warning, I tried 4 different Frontman packs in the store, 2 were very poor, 1 was OK and this one was excellent, so TRY THEM IN THE STORE before you buy.

Premo rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-13.

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