Squier Infinity Strat Reviews 4

Been playing bass guitar since i was 18 been in a few garage bands im 39 now my brother got me a guitar i love it & want to tell people if they want a axe that plays and sounds great but dont empty ur wallet this is the guitar to grab i like all music u got to listen to it all to get the big picture

I got it at washington music centre in washington pa. I needed a cheep axe to use while writing songs my bass needed a friend to help out i paid 159 bucks

Its got a great neck fast action i was not expecting to much for a guitar under 200 bucks it sounds great woman tone if u know what mean .a guitar that sounds looks & plays great for under 200 bucks

I cant find anything i dont like about it

Its of great quality for the money

Check one out u need a guitar that u wont pay alot for but sounds looks & plays like you did this be the one

Daniel rated this unit 5 on 2008-02-22.

I got this at George Kays in Joliet IL.

I like the fact that this guitar is so light. I also like it because its so easy to play because the neck is thin.

I dont like how easly this guitar can be chipped or dented. Also after a few years of having it it makes a buzzing noise.And it donst stay in tune

good except for the paint

All in all a good guitar for the price

dan rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-10.

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