Squier M-40 Reviews 4

I bought the Squier M-70 in sometime in early July 2004 i paid $200 cnd I spotted the guitar as soon as i stepped foot inside the store, its completly black body gave it a nice rock-like style feel and look

above all what i like about the m-40 is dual hummbugger pick-ups which allow for a nice sound for beginners. comes in great colors

I dont not like anything about this unit except it does pick up finger prints and i hate having to buff them out other than that this is a sexy guitar

The construction is pretty good at best one of my knobs is a bit loose but my pickups seem to be in good shape. although one of my knobs is loose it may not have been the construction of the unit for all i know some mexican hucked in the back of the shipping truck

For a beginner or just transferring from an acoustic over to electric i would reccommend this to you for sure i mean 200 cnd that great

Adam Wilson rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-19.

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