Squier M-50 Les Paul Reviews 4

I got a red M-50 Squier Les Paul look a like. I got it as a early xmas gift from my wife i got a fender 15 watt amp very nice gig bag 15 foot gold tipped cord and a 35 dollor tunner. the hole kit cost just over 265$ ( 130$ just for the guitar )i did not think that was to bad.

The Guitar plays very nice and has a very good tone and stays in tune if not moved or taken out of the house. The solid body give it a good feel for beginners. The valume nobs are very sinstive and the pickups seam to do a good job.

If moved or but in the bag it will need a good tunning and it will not stay if there is much change in tempture at all. The dots on the neck are really had to see in any light.

Over all for the money paid the Guitar is very good for a step up for the beginner kits. Gives you a differnt style then every one else and as a very beefy tone and sound all it own.

For the money, the sound, and play ablity of the Guitar i rate it has a good bye and fun to play. Has a very good flash deep red and black look.

Travis l Glenn rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-17.

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