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I bought this Squier Strat from Media Play for only $200. It came with the Squier Stratocaster, SP-10 amp, chord, picks, tuner, strap, and gigbag. With this package you get more rock for your bucks.

First, the price for this package is unbeatable. Its very easy to get and keep this guitar in tune. The "big stock" headstock is awesome and looks great. I don't know what it is but I love the white pickguard which makes it stand out and gives it the 80's tradition look. The SP-10 amp is the best "small" amp that i'v heard. Suprising loud...never actually peeked it (afraid to). Crank it up and switch to distortion and your set.

I have to suggest that, if you do buy the SE-100 package, you should buy a new strap and gig bag or case. The strap that comes with it is very cheap, but you don't have to...you just take the risk of playing and your guitar crashing to the floor. The gig bag is also very cheap, mine hasn't ripped or anything yet, but if feels like it could at any minute. On my Strat, the plastic layer over the pickguard is a lil messed up, but I beleive this is just a fault with mine, the rest should be fine, nothing major.

The guitar is very well made (even though Made In China), the amp is great, the picks, chord, and tuner. Just replace the things I mentioned above and you'll be fine(replacement strap and gigbag might run you $20-30).

All my friends have started out on this guitar with this package and their very happy with theirs. I just bought a Fender Standard Satin Strat and I still love to go back and make the squire rock! So if your looking for a affordable guitar with all the works, then this is a must have. Enjoy and make sure that no matter what your playing, to keep rockin!!!

x6sickNtwisted9x rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-23.

i bought it in Costco, UK, for around 150 (inc VAT). It was my first fully electric guitar after my acoustic and electro-acoustic.

the box. Oh, and the picks.(sort of)

The guitar was of poor quality. The amp had a european plug on (not a british one!)

It sucked big time. The pickup poles were all glued in crudely and at different levels, and therefore could not be adjusted. The whammy bar cross-threaded when i screwed it in, and the guitar was difficult to keep in tune.

I took it back to Costco to get a full refund. I then went to a guitar shop and bought a 2002 20th anniversary Squier Affinity series Strat (black), a Fender Frontman 15G amplifier, strap, cable, picks, bag, 25 KORG Chromatic tuner and a free tutor CD all for 180!! I am very pleased with it and the quality is much better. I would recommend that you buy from guitar shops and not buy value packs.

Calum (calum.barrow@btopenworld.com) rated this unit 1 on 2004-02-01.

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