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the squier strat was my first guitar. and to this day it is still my favorite. i bought it from musicians friend for 199.99 american dollars and it was worth every penny. it came in a package that included a 10 watt practice amp. a tuner, a cable picks a guitar instruction booklet, a guitar case, a strap, basically everything a beginner needs to start playing.

the only thing i did not like about my purchase was the accesories that came with my guitar. the guitar itself is excellent and i would never trade it in or sell it. however the tuner broke within the first month i had it and needed to be replaced, the amp is still holding out 1 year later but showing signs of breaking, the rubber coating that insulates the wiring for the cable is starting to come off, which shouldnt happen, so the cable needed to be replaced,and i highly suggest strap locks ( a device that costs about 13 US dollars and secures strap so that it will never fall off ) because i would never want to drop this baby. also the carrying bag it came in was of low quality so i ended up replacing that too.

this guitar is great. so far it hasnt shown any signs of wear/breakage and still sounds like it did the first day i bought it. as a beginner i couldnt ask for anything more from a guitar. its hardware is holding up great, showing no signs of rust, and the guitar is made with excellent craftsmanship. there was only a microscopic error that i fixed in about thirty seconds. what happened was ( and this happens to almost every guitar and could be expected on a beginners guitar like this)was that the clip inside thecable input ( where you stick in the cable) started to loosen after a few months of heavy use. all i had to do was unscrew the outer metal casing and bend the clip a little bit ( this might sound complex to a beginner but if you take it to your local shop they would probably be glad to do it for you and show you how to do it.) besides this the guitar has been amazing and i couldnt ask for a better guitar. the people at squier did a good job on this baby.

overall this has been the best guitar i have ever played/owned, although it might be because of its sentimental value to me, it was my first guitar and i would never give it away/sell it/trash it. i think you would be very satisfied with it but dont take my word for it! head down to your local samash or guitar store and ask them if you could just give it a spin, different people have different tastes and youd be better off seeing if you like it before you spend 200 $ for it. i would also like to say that for all of my gear purchases i have went to Musicians Friend and they have been very nice and understanding to me. their website is www.musiciansfriend.com. well thats it! have fun!

greg rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-12.

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